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Equilibrium crystals



Welcome to my new page Equilibrium Crystals .

Equilibrium crystals began for me in end of lockdown 2020 .

I have always had a passion for gems and geology and during lockdown I found an outlet for my own state of mind and balance in crystals. This opened up another word for me.

Sourcing them and admiring their beauty for myself led to me deciding to share what I was finding with other people and open an online shop and market stall to sell them alongside my own  handmade jewellery.

Schiller is one of many an optical phenomenon in gems and minerals, related to sheen and shimmer. It can vary from milky to a metallic shimmer to a vivid iridescent play of colour. 

Many of the crystals here on my page have a beautiful Schiller .


The Earth produces an amazing variety of minerals over 4,000 !

Each one has a particular mineral or crystal structure.

The use of Crystals for their metaphysical benefits are traced back many centuries.

If we travel back to Ancient Greece  the Word " Crystal " comes from the Greek word Krustallos meaning "ice" . The Ancient Greeks believed that Clear crystals such as quartz were eternal ice sent down from heaven .

Whether you believe crystals hold energies or if you just admire them for their aesthetic natural beauty I hope you will find something here to enhance your well being and surroundings.

(when crystal healing is talked about it is based on personal beliefs and results of research and age old traditions. Just because it is said to have a certain benefit does not mean you will necessarily feel  it, one must draw their own conclusions based on personal beliefs and choice)

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